Teaching Truth In Changing Times




Welcome to L.K. Ministries! 

I am the Rev. Dr. L.K. Pendleton affectionately known  as Pastor Kay; PK for short. Now that you have found me, why don’t you stay a while.  Here you will find uplifting videos of my teachings, past events, photographs and so much more!

It is the mission of L.K. Ministries to spread the gospel of Christ to each and every corner of the world.  Through my global journeys I have met ministers and missionaries in Nigeria to political figures in Mexico.  I have discovered that they have one thing in common, a thirst for Christ.  We have touched  so many lives through the teaching and preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ and our work has just begun.

I want you to enjoy your stay at L.K. Ministries and please feel free to drop us a line with your comments and suggestions.  Here at L.K. Ministries we are all about Taking It To The Streets.  

                                             Your sister on the way,

                                                   Pastor K

                                                     World Pastor